Hi Everyone

6 10 2008

Hi Everyone!

Im 123yodasmith, this blog is about club penguin cheats (cpc)

if you are wondering i am a penguin on club penguin so if you do happen to see me please say hi!


123yodasmith birthday party

15 01 2009

Hey Guys!

123yodasmith is going to be 2yrs old soon and im throwing a party for it.

here is the info!

Date: 20th January 2009

time: 8:00 pst

server: Frozen

place: 123yodasmith igloo on the map

Hope you can make it!

until then

-waddle on-

Penguin Of The Week!

30 11 2008

This week i have chosen Straw000

he is my buddy and he is always kind to me and also helping me out

so here he is!



that is really big but oh well lol

there he is so well done!

Dojo ninjas!

15 11 2008

Hi, this is a special post about ninjas!

Ninjas in cp have been a mystery for a very long time, but now on the 17 November you can train to become a ninja all you need to do is go on the new game “Card Jitsu”

you half to rank throught the belts and when you reach the black belt you are a ninja!

look at the dojo now!


now the dojo courtyard! (outside the dojo)


Cool! but never fear there is a free item!

they are called Geta Sandals!


ok thats all for now until then

Waddle On!

Halloween Party Cheats

30 10 2008

Now im going to show you where to get the sweets in the halloween party and a strange ninja shadow in the dojo!

Ok, first lets look at the ninja shadow!

in the dojo there has been lots of sightings of a ninja shadow.

it definatly is a ninja because you can see a head band on it here is the picture of it!


that is definatly a ninja shadow!

P.S:me and my friend spooney07 found this out and told everyone about it

Ok, Thats that now lets move onto the sweets!

the first sweet is at the snowforts. Click the blue flag to get it.

the second treat is at the dance lounge. click the light to get it.

the third treat is at the ski lodge attic. click the blue box to det it.

the fourth treat is at the plaza. click the couldren to get it.

the fith treat is at the cove. click the warning sign to get it.

the sixth treat is at the lighthouse becon. wait for three big lightning strikes then it should appear in the left eye of the pumpkin.

the eighth treat is in the book room. hover your mouse over the book on top of the bookshelf it will roll and once it stops click it to get it.

and tada! you have all the treats!

thats all for now so waddle on!

Rockhopper Tracker!

27 10 2008

hi dudes,

here is a rockhopper tracker i found it is 98% acurate so you will see him very soon!

Straw000’s RH TrackerP.S:it was made by straw000

heres a famous penguin tracker also mad by straw000

Straw000’s Famous Penguin Tracker

just another rockhopper tracker just in case of the other one brakeing down

This Is Me

28 09 2008

I just thought id show you what i look like on cp so if you do come across me say hi!

i also edited this photo to make it look like a mod. lol